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Proofreading Reports

9 April, 2022

13/02/18 Online report proofreading ensures that reports are concise and free of stylistic errors. Reports are defined as ‘written accounts of something that has been observed, heard, done, or investigated’. Many organisations, including government bodies, businesses, the media and many educational disciplines make use of reports. Some reports can be diverse and varied, but they must be accurate in their…   Read More >

Proofreading and Spring Cleaning

9 April, 2022

13/02/18 It’s been said that proofreading is akin to spring cleaning. You spring-clean your house and the place is spick and span, until your friends arrive and notice corners and crevices that have been missed. Regardless of how well you write, many people regard proofreading as unimportant. It’s not always possible to spot mistakes in a document that you have…   Read More >