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CV Checklist

6 April, 2022

A CV checklist allows job applicants to summarise their past skills and experience. It outlines an applicant’s suitability to do the work they are applying for. In order to project an image of utmost professionalism, a CV should be clear, concise, and well-written. A proofreading/editing service will ensure that spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct. However, a candidate has also…   Read More >

Editing Reflective Essays & Dissertations – Essays edited in 5 Days

6 April, 2022

Higher Grades = Precise Editing (Editing Reflective Essays & Dissertations). Having trouble writing your essay or dissertation? Or struggling to finish your assignment on time? The solution is – online editing. Essay/dissertation assignments are an important part of higher education. A well-written essay assignment may often be the difference between a pass or a fail grade. Colleges and universities continuously…   Read More >