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Apollo Communication


Apollo Communication has provided academic dissertation help for master’s theses since 1999.

Writing a dissertation is one of the biggest pieces of academic work you may undertake. The completion of a dissertation (MBA or MSc) will entail meticulous and in-depth preparation. This is why it is important that presentations are coherent, easy to read and of the highest possible standard.

Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors may look innocent and harmless, but the overall quality of a project may suffer. Mistakes are distracting to readers and will direct attention away from the purpose of a project.

A professional proofreader can understand the context that mistakes are in. When proofreading/editing all types of documents including dissertations, copy-editing can impart a fresh perspective to your work. Editors can also make suggestions on layout, page numbers, headings, quotations and typefaces of your project.

All the effort you have dedicated to your work should not suffer from something that our experienced editors can quickly improve. A professional editor will ensure that the structure of your hard work is logical and that your dissertation is the best possible representation of your knowledge.

A dissertation is a lengthy and extensive piece of work. These projects may suffer in both tone and readability as they require many hours of work for their completion.

In providing academic dissertation help, a skilled editor can assist you with the development, organisation, and focus of your project. Whether it is a master’s thesis (MBA or MSc) or an extensive dissertation, proofreading will raise the overall quality of your hard work.