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Proofreading and editing will make your financial, technical, or sales-related report more easily understood by its intended audience. Reports reflect the image of a business and should be easy to understand and clear in their meaning.

It is important that reports contain logical and convincing text which is a true reflection of the business.

When proofreading and editing business reports, our skilled editors will ensure that sentences are understandable and convey their intended meaning. Proofreading and editing will address grammar errors and inconsistencies and ensure that the report fulfils its expectations. In business communication, writing should be persuasive. Therefore, written content should be decisive and generate interest in the topic or topics discussed, thus leading others to an understanding of your perspectives. Effective persuasion is even more important in certain spheres of business.

In the proofreading and editing process, our editors will make sure that all reports include the following information set in an organised manner: a title page, an executive summary, a table of contents, an introduction, a discussion, a conclusion, recommendations, relevant tables and figures, references/bibliography, and appendices. In addition, many reports should mention market research. Apollo Communication will present essential information in a more compelling and easily understood style. Writers do not always see mistakes in their own work.

Editing and fact-checking business reports will improve the structure of sentences and the readability of a document. It will also ensure that the style of the report is more direct and makes economical use of language. Editing can make refinements to your work without changing the style of your manuscript.

A house style outlines how documents and reports should be presented and written. An accurate house style ensures there is consistency in word choice, formatting and punctuation. In other words, it will establish that stylistic elements like dates are consistent throughout – January 1, 2022, on page 2, but not 1 January 2022 on page 7. A consistent house style will also apply to capitalisation, for example to an organisation like the World Health Organisation.

Apollo Communication will return a precise business report – free of grammatical and stylistic errors.

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