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Copy editing is the process of reviewing a text to ensure that it is free of errors and that it is written in a clear and concise manner. Editing is the process of preparing written material for publication by correcting or modifying it.

It is important that written material be free of all kinds of grammatical and spelling errors, including ambiguities in meaning and inconsistencies. Manuscripts that are unedited and contain punctuation and stylistic errors give a poor impression of their authors.

Copy editing will ensure that essays, dissertations, reports and journal articles are free of jargon and consistent in their style.

Copy editing – A Second Pair of Eyes

Basic errors and inconsistencies in the documents produced by authors can easily be overlooked. Our professional editors will ensure that sentences convey their intended meanings and that text is presented in a relevant manner for the intended market.

Apollo Communication understands the importance of accuracy in the final preparation of error-free documents. Copy editing can be categorised into three types:

A light edit checks for spelling, grammar, punctuation errors, and alphabetical order (especially in relation to the references in a document). It also includes the amendment of wrong fonts and inconsistent capitalisation.

A medium edit involves everything in a light edit, plus checking for parallel structure. It also advises the correct use of the active voice.

A heavy edit (ideal for dissertations) includes a light and medium edit and substantial amounts of copy editing. It also points out structural flaws in a document (see Developmental editing).

The first stage of editing is developmental editing, which concentrates on the structure of a manuscript’s content, as well as its concepts and foundation. Developmental editing involves a substantial amount of rewriting and reorganising to enhance the clarity of a manuscript. While it addresses structural issues in a text, it does not focus on grammar, spelling, or punctuation.

Apollo Communication offers high-quality editing solutions. We will enhance the clarity of your work, correct any errors in grammar and punctuation, and provide other improvements.

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