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Apollo Communication


Choose Apollo Communication for quick and accurate copy-editing solutions. Serving clients in the UK, we offer high-quality copy-editing services.

A Second Pair of Eyes

Authors can easily overlook basic errors and inconsistencies in the documents they produce. As part of our reliable copy-editing services, professional editors will ensure that sentences mean what they are intended to mean. Our copy-editors safeguard your text, carefully checking that it is presented in a manner that is relevant to its intended market.

Apollo Communication understands the importance of accuracy in the final preparation of error-free documents. The types of copy-editing are as follows:

Light edit — This is checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation errors, and alphabetical order (especially in relation to the references in a document). Wrong fonts, inconsistent capitalisation are also amended in a light edit.

Medium edit — This includes the light edit and checking for parallel structure in the text. A medium edit ensures that the active and passive voices are used correctly.

Heavy edit — The heavy edit (ideal for dissertations) includes a light and medium edit and substantial copy-editing. Documents for a heavy edit may contain many structural flaws. These will be pointed out but will not be addressed (see Developmental editing).

Developmental editing involves a substantial amount of re-writing and re-organisation of a document in order to improve its clarity. A developmental edit addresses structural problems in a text, but does not focus much on grammar, spelling and punctuation issues.