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Reports, defined as ‘written accounts that have been observed, heard, done or investigated’, can be both diverse and varied.

Numerous organisations make use of reports, such as governments, businesses, the media and many educational disciplines. Reports should be precise in their meaning, style and free of all kinds of grammatical errors. Making a report suitable for publication will entail both writing and assimilating the information that will be used in it.

Reports should look professional to anyone who reads them. A document full of spelling errors and misunderstandings, although it may convey the right message, is off-putting to the reader.

Identifying grammatical errors in a report will usually require a fresh pair of eyes. When editing reports, an experienced editor will address typographical and structural errors in the text.

The ideas and content related to a business report should be its point of focus. Grammatical and spelling mistakes may even change the meaning of a document and distract the reader. For example, spelling errors in a sentence can lead to extreme errors: ‘The company waved its claim for a fairer deal.’

A professional editor will correct those hidden mistakes and eliminate confusion and misunderstandings. Errors might be in our blind spots. Repeatedly reading through your work does not necessarily mean that you will identify inconsistencies in its content. Furthermore, inexperienced fact-checkers may require at least three different readers before they correct every error.

Spell-checkers may recognise certain errors in a document, but they are insufficient in understanding context.

Our professional editors will improve the frame of your writing and adapt it to its intended style.

Editing reports will also address the precise presentation of references in a manuscript,

When editing reports, Apollo Communication will correct spelling, punctuation errors, and grammatical inconsistencies.

Editing a report is the final stage to ensure that your work is professional, free of jargon, spelling mistakes and precise in its meaning.

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