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When writing a nursing essay, it is important to remember that precise proofreading and writing are key to achieving high grades. In nurses’ essays, it is not enough to simply list facts; the information should be presented in a clear and well-structured manner.

Nurses’ essays must take a logical approach to evaluate different sources of information, regardless of the topic being discussed. Above all, an essay should express the author’s own opinions on the subject. The introduction should capture the reader’s attention, while the conclusion should serve as a reminder to engage with the essay.

Checking spelling is vital for students and academics alike. Spell-checkers are not always reliable, so essay writers should not count on them to catch every error. Another key factor is that English has many words that can be easily confused, such as ‘their/there’, ‘were/we’re’, ‘quite/quiet’, and many others. Professional proofreaders are trained to find these offending words and correct them. Therefore, proofreading is essential when writing essays, especially for nurses.

Writing nurses’ essays often requires the completion of a literature review survey. This is where you can express your opinions and feelings on the current thinking on a topic. Academic writing should demonstrate your knowledge of the relevant literature. There are many sources available for a literature review survey, including books, journals and websites like WorldCat® and PubMed. When referencing, it is important to be both focused and accurate. References should be up-to-date and central to the value of the article and the relevant publication.

When revising and checking essays, we will ensure that your work is accurate and consistent in meaning, so that sentences are clear and understandable. Proofreading will also focus on the layout of your essay, which will make it clear and easy to follow. A project’s layout requires attention to proper page numbering, headings, spacing, quotations and typefaces.

After completing your essay, you may want to consider having a second pair of eyes review it to catch any errors before it’s too late. Careful proofreading and editing are the product of great grades.

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