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Apollo Communication


Self-publishers have one goal in mind and that is to have their work available to the outside world. Now is a great time for self-publishing your work. Unpublished authors may have an uphill struggle in finding a mainstream publisher willing to consider their work.

Authors often abandon the traditional publishing route for the exciting self-publishing alternative. There are three advantages to consider when using a self-publishing service:

Time – Publishing houses receive many manuscripts every week and they may choose only a selected few.

Creative Freedom – Authors often want to be involved in the entire publishing process and have their books exactly as they choose. Apollo Communication will ensure that the self-published author has the final say in the editing, proofreading and re-writing processes.

Limited Target Market – Some books such as autobiographies address a limited market and may not interest the conventional publisher.

Apollo Communication offers a thorough and reliable editing and proofreading service for the self-publisher.